Winter has found EPIC Members spending lots of time in the pool, staring down that black line, working on stroke technique, building speed and enjoying the camaraderie of early morning workouts with friends. More time in the pool often yields gains that are a little harder to find in open water. When you’ve got a coach on deck giving you feedback, tips and tricks, winter swimming can prove to be

I came across a great article today than anybody looking to improve their run should read. I would also add that the same principals apply to the other disciplines of triathlon. The First Four Steps To Improving Your Run written by USAT Level 3 Coach, Ian Murray Step One Learn Proper Technique. Running is a sport where good form provides huge advantages. Proper technique makes you faster, but running well

Great job EPIC Redding in the swim this morning. The water was warm and the workout tough… all did a great job! See you Wednesday for another great workout!

What is optimal tire pressure? Should you inflate your tires to the maximum recommended pressure? These are all very good questions. Recently, EPIC’s coaches visited with the UC Davis Performance testing lab and came away with some great information on how to properly inflate your tires. Enjoy! by Jan Hein Inflating your tires to achieve 15% tire drop will optimize your bicycle’s performance, comfort and handling. Our tests of tire